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Flight Manual

Set, Setting, Source

The three S's of tripping

Set (mindset)

A psychedelic experience can exponentiate existing emotions/thoughts. If you're anxious prior, then anxiety may be amplified. That is why mindset is so important before entering into any type of trip. Set your intentions. If you want to have fun, then allow yourself to do that. If you want to heal, then allow yourself to do that. Give yourself permission to do these things.


The environment around you will compound the effects of a trip. Make sure your trip occurs in a place where you are comfortable and with people you vibe with. The people you are around are just as important as your surroundings.


Make sure you are getting your substances from a reliable source. Consult with someone more experienced if you are unfamiliar.

Mushrooms, when properly prepared, should be very dry and smell earthy/mushroomy (think shitake or oyster mushrooms). Mushroom stems should be light brown to white or light gray. Blue tinges are a good sign. Any bright or spotty discolorations can be a sign of mold or other growths.

Powder-ized mushrooms should be light gray to light brown in color.

Avoid rotten or sour smells.

How to Have a Good Trip

How to enjoy yourself safely and successfully

Instructions for a microdose

Risks associated with microdosing are pretty much non-existent. Pop a microdose and enjoy your day to the fullest.

Instructions for a recreational trip

Manage your dose accordingly when going out on mushrooms. The worst thing to happen is to feel a stronger trip than you intended. 

Use rideshare or have a designated driver if necessary.

Instructions for a therapeutic trip

The best way to safely enjoy therapeutic doses is to be in a comfortable and controlled setting where one can fully and freely be themselves. We like the outdoors, but nothing too rugged (unless that's your vibe).

Find a space where you can express yourself free from any inhibitions, where silliness and goofiness are part of the agenda. Get loose.

We recommend somewhere secluded but with access easy access to drinking water and protection from the elements. Our favorite place to enjoy high dose trip is in Joshua Tree.

Having a sitter (a sober person, a little bit like a designated driver) can be highly beneficial.

Troubleshooting Your Trip

Bad trips happen, but they are completely manageable

If you feel uncomfortable, scared, or nauseous, always remember that this is temporary, and you will come out the other end stronger and healthier than before. We're here to help.

Words of encouragement.

Remember these important words always: “this too shall pass.” The best thing you can do is to not fight against it and to allow the trip to take its course. Be willing to receive. You will come out the other side of this stronger than before.

The trip — like everything else — is temporary.

When a surfer is met with a large wipeout wave, the best thing they can do is relax and allow the wave the to “rag-doll” or toss their body around until the ocean has taken its course. Struggling against a strong wave will exhaust the surfer and increase the likelihood of hazard. Allow the mushrooms to do the same with you.

Just throw up.

Feel like throwing up? Just throw up. Nausea and queasiness is actually very common with psychedelics. You’ll feel so much better after. Don’t forget to hydrate after. Those little powder electrolyte packets help. Don’t be embarrassed either, everyone throws up.

Get comfortable.

Set the vibe. If you feel like melting into a couch, then let yourself melt. Loosen up your jaw, drop your shoulders, and release! Listen to some music. See some of our favorite songs here. Change into more comfortable clothes if you can.

Feeling restless?

Get up and dance. Put on your favorite songs. Take a walk. Move your body. Allow yourself to give in to any urges to move. Do some yoga. Relax yourself into a deep stretch.

Talk to a friend.

Some of the most powerful conversations are had on a powerful trip. If you’re alone, phone a friend. Be honest with them. Be honest with yourself.

Just breathe.

Take a deep breath in and a sloooow breath out. Let go of any of the weight you no longer need to bear. Let it all go and relinquish yourself.