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Mogu is a California based well-being movement that provides curated plant + herbal medicines in sustainably packaged goods. By providing safe access to plant medicine, we hope to enlighten members of our community through reconnection and retrospection. Our mission is to help our community rediscover its once intimate relationship with the earth because this planet is pretty damn beautiful.

Creating community and connection.


Our Ingredients + Promise

The Best Mushrooms, Period

All of our mushroom products are made with whole mushroom fruiting bodies, never any substrate. Our in-house vertically integrated mushroom farm employs regenerative farming practices using 100% organic material every step of the way. Our mycologists are in an endless pursuit of raising the bar when it comes to mushroom genetics.

No Chemicals, Synthetics, Preservatives, Additives

We never use any chemical substitutes in our formulations. Many other companies use 4-AcO-DMT (O-Acetylpsilocin), a semi-synthetic alternative. This is a deceptive practice that we do not condone. Additionally, our formulations are kept free of preservatives, yeast, and mold.



Death to Single Use Plastics

We’re constantly refining our systems and processes to be more sustainable. In efforts to reduce pollution from single-use plastics, all of our packaging is made from renewable resources with at least > 50% materials coming from recycled materials. As we grow, we will continue to seek out the most sustainable options when it comes to manufacturing.



Creating Connection

Like the vast underground networks of mycelium connecting trees in the old growth forests of our Pacific Northwest, our community is connected in a way that creates opportunity and belonging for everyone. We constantly recontribute to our community by hosting events such as community yoga, educational seminars, group meditation, and many more.

Diversity and Inclusion

A healthy ecosystem requires biodiversity to thrive. Following nature's design, the decision making at Mogu is meticulously made based on multicultural input. We put special emphasis on broadening our viewpoints through the lenses of our friends from all over the globe.


Giveback + Conservation

Quarterly Charity

Mogu is best enjoyed outdoors in the beauty of our planet. That is why conservation is so important to us. Every quarter, we donate a portion of our proceeds to some of our favorite organizations like, Rainforest Alliance, Surfrider Foundation, and 1% For The Planet.